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To properly inform you about who Fat Rat Da Czar is, starting with his locale, affiliation, or musical ability would be a biased introduction. Yes, those characteristics do carry weight, but to truly understand this artist you must delve deeper. Fat Rat Da Czar has been represented poorly by many critics and naysayers as just another local emcee or a 'gun-toting street guy', which is totally oft-kilt. Fat Rat Da Czar is not a 'savage', blood-thirsty, ready to slit your throat brute.  He is not just another nameless face in the long list of artists seeking to reach the world through their music. Fat Rat Da Czar is more.

Think about the father who wakes daily before the break of dawn, still sluggish from completing the world order of the previous night to enter a reality in which his bills are high, his money is low, his patience is waning, but his resolve is steady. "I gotta make it" is all this father repeats as he observes his children sleeping peacefully without knowledge of adulthood. Think about the woman who has remained steadfast since grade school to break the cycle of abuse, depression, and abandonment that has plagued her family to ensure her success in realms greater than those just based on monetary value. Think about the families that travel countless hours and miles simply to associate with loved ones in 'man-keepers'. All three situations have a commonality-they listen to Fat Rat Da Czar.

What choices do you make when your back is up against the wall? Do you accept your position and cower to the powers of influence around you? Do you derogate yourself and found in this moment.

Fat Rat Da Czar is perseverance. Since his humble and hard beginnings in both Hampton and Newport News, Virginia and the accompanying lessons of life gained through his transport to Hopkins, SC, Fat Rat Da Czar kept his eyes aware and ears open to world around him. Hopkins, SC has the distinction of being the place that influenced the detail to lyrics, relevant song structure,and flow that remains with Fat Ra tDa Czar till this day. Teaming up with The Underground Railroad (Misfit, Charlie Waters, and more) in his youth and together creating Street Side Records, Fat Rat Da Czar has always been ahead of the curve. Performing countless dates, at countless venues, and making certified authoritative music throughout the nineties and early millennia, Fat Rat Da Czar kept moving forward, but remained humble.

Knowing full well that nothing is ever promised, Fat Rat Da Czar holds his foot on the gas and his eyes on the road. Crafting many vittles for the public (Rolling, Audio Dope, Fat Rat is Dead and more), Fat Rat has experienced first hand the literal closed door policy of local radio stations, deejays, and media outlets in support of hometown artists and musicians and in part took their lack of attention to him (and many more) as an invitation to spark his own pathway; giving birth to the Cold War. Fat Rat Da Czar IS MORE.

Crafting Da ColdWar in 2006 with famed DJ Shekeese Tha Beast, standouts like, and drew the line in the sand. Returning 2008 with the classic follow-up Da ColdWar 2: The Day Afta, Fat Rat Da Czar single-handedly distinguished himself by pronouncing his importance to everyone able to hear his music. concur. Currently prepping the third and final installment of Da ColdWar series, Fat Rat Da Czar is primed to pounce on every opportunity coming his way. It would be wise to get on board.