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Columbia's Hip-Hop Czar Reflects On A Decade At The Legendary Jam Room Recording Studio

10 years ago, the Jam Room Recording Studio launched a new studio called the Boom Room designed as a vocal production space that would focus on serving South Carolina’s growing hip-hop music scene.

Enlisting FatRat Da Czar as the Boom Room’s lead engineer, the studio has recorded hundreds of South Carolina’s independent artists along with a host of regional and national acts to include the multi-platinum selling Kevin Gates and the legendary KRS-ONE.

“When Jay (Matheson) proposed the idea of a second studio, with a focus on The Jam Room’s hip-hop clientele, I jumped at the opportunity. 10 years later I am very proud of the music created and artist development that has taken place in that room” - FatRat Da Czar

Jay Matheson, owner and operator of the Jam Room, had a forward thinking vision of what artist’s would need to further their career as independents. After years of success in rock and most of its sub-genres, the Jam Room turned their focus toward a budding hip-hop scene that had an emerging leader in FatRat.

“When I found out that Fat was considering getting into engineering and music production I jumped at the chance to have him lead our second studio and focus it toward serving our hip-hop clients. The venture has been very successful and has opened many doors along the way. One of the best developments is Fat taking on the role of Music Business instructor at Midlands Audio Institute. He has become a valuable mentor for many students there in shaping their path forward in the music business.” - Jay Matheson


[Photo Credit: Larry Frazier]

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